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  • We are definitely still enjoying the richness of a wonderful family: Beth Zemp and Glen and Willa Rae Walker swelled the number of great-grandparents to 10 this year. And with the help of David and Claudia Walker, Robert and Eileen Zemp, Don and Gail Quinton, and Cam and Patsy Walker, 34 of us are now grandparents. Actually, I guess we should attribute this to 19 wonderful new babies.

  • For the first time since 1903 Utah now has more “Walkers” (129) than Alberta (124). Utah has averaged 10% growth each year since 1994. Idaho shrank by one but stayed firmly lodged in third place (44) well ahead of California (34). California reversed a 5 year downward trend and grew by more than 25%. New York gained 8 family members and climbed from not being on the list to a 10th place tie in 1 year. Arizona’s outflow stopped, but Iowa, Illinois, Oregon and Manitoba lost all of their Walkers.

  • None of us is truly bi-coastal yet, but figuring out the stuff in that last paragraph is getting harder to do with the number of multi-home, multi-state, multi-country residences that some of us have. I just used the place where people spend most of their time.

  • One noticeable change this year was the number of people who moved.  And the names of some of the streets we live(d) on:  Windsong, Wildwood, West Ridge Road, Solano Park Circle, North Five Mile, Rawhide, Grubstake, North Homestead Drive, Country Club Drive (one on each side of the continent).

  • Logan, Utah and Raymond, Alberta both have telephone numbers that begin 752-XXXX.

  • The number of family members with e-mail has grown so fast that most of us just rely on built-in lists and don’t know what the addresses are. If nothing else, some of the “addresses” are very unique: kingwalker, mommykim, injasour, bigrusslds, mach1, ymisoqt, inujin, and astrogirl22; cuncanada. Rennick Walker wins the longest e-mail address of all time hands-down: Rennick_Walker/Group/CNO/SunLife

  • For those of you who are wired into the e-world, be sure to check out Georgene Berman’s family website at, or send Tom Hrncirik an e-mail and ask about some of the fascinating family history things he has on the web. Explore a bit and you will find at least a dozen more personal websites by family members. And of course, there are now lots of us keeping in touch by “newsletter. Maybe we need to make Ross Jensen an honorary member of the family since his weekly newsletter continues to be such a source of delight and information to so many of us.

  • Which country ranks third after the USA (319) and Canada (145) for having the next most Walkers?  Taiwan – with 2 missionaries serving there!

  • Over the past six years, members of our family have served a combined total of 75 years in 20 countries as missionaries.  They have learned at least 14 different languages during the course of their service.


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