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  • We may not have lots of millionaires in the family but we enjoy an even more wonderful kind of riches: 7 of us are great-grandparents, and 23 of us are grandparents (3 for the first time this year: Mark and Norma Zemp, and Spence McMullin).

  • The number of family members in Utah has steadily increased an average of 10% each year since the list has been compiled until this year when it jumped 20% and now stands at 119.  California has lost family members each of the past 5 years until this year and is down 26% over that period. This year it gained one person or about 4%.  Alberta continues to have the most family members at 127, but has only grown by 5% since 5 years ago. The fastest rate of growth this year was in Colorado at 325% in one year. Arizona lost 37% of its Walker family members last year but Florida had the fastest rate of decline in one year: 100% of us left.  I guess we cant handle the cactus, or those alligators.

  • Jim and Sharan Walker, Bill and Vicki Walker, Brad and Liz McMullin, and Barry and Lynn Walker joined 5 more couples to become empty-nesters - something most of us do not know anything about.

  • The absolute unparalleled, winner without equal of the family e-mail capability sweepstakes is Aunt Beth Walker. Her family members have more than 86% of their households wired for e-mail, and they use it regularly which is even more amazing. None of us  matches Ross Jensen (from Raymond) who writes and circulates a 3-6 page family newsletter every Sunday evening to 30 members of their family and close friends. Technology can be used to good effect.

  • Ethan and Jordan Broadhead and their new little brother Davis have been replaced as the grandchildren with the most living, same generation, grandparents. They only have 10! Their new little cousin, Samantha Jane, has 12!!  We said wed reveal the secret this year, but with a new champ on the block. Maybe you can figure it out before next year. It is not only possible, and it is true!

  • Which country ranks third after the USA (289) and Canada (148) for having the next most Walkers? Other than for 5 missionaries, we all moved home last year!

  • Growth rates for each of our nine families over the past five years are  44% - Reed and Marilyn,  43% - Jane, 28% - Glen and Willa Rae,  27% - Fay and Elsie,  26% -  Harris and Beth,  26% - Beth and Earl,  22% - Ralph,  13% - Mary,  and 3% - Bob and Barbara.  

  • There are 45 of us in Raymond, 45 in Salt Lake City/Bountiful, 34 in Boise, 33 in Provo, 31 in Calgary, and 23 in Phoenix/Mesa.

  • Over the past six years, members of our family have served a combined total of 62 years in 19 countries as missionaries.  They have learned at least 13 different languages during the course of their service.


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