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  • There are 284 different first names in our family: 26 begin with J including the most common first name, James. In addition to the 11 James on the list, there are 10 Marys (or derivatives eg. Mary-Lynn), 8 Jennifers, 8 Davids, 8 Michaels, 7 male Chris....., 6 Julie or Julias, and 6 Roberts. There are no first names beginning with O, Q, U or X.

  • The number of family members in Utah has steadily increased an average of 10% each year since the list has been compiled and now stands at 99. California has lost family members each of the past 5 years and is down 26% over that period. Alberta continues to have the most family members at 120, but this is the same number as 5 years ago. The fastest rate of growth is Florida: 600%.

  • Ethan and Jordan Broadhead have as many grandparents as most grandparents have grandchildren: 10. Ron and Joanne Broadhead, Roger and Elin Walker, Joanne and Rick Frank, Gary and Kathy George, Hana and Ron New. Not possible, you say! Stay tuned for the answer in next year’s list.

  • Russell is the most common "family" name used as a first name. Others include Walker, Taylor, and Mackay.

  • Which country ranks third after the USA (263) and Canada (141) for having the next most "Walkers"? Turkey, with only 2 of us!

  • Growth rates for each of our nine families over the past five years are 38% - Jane, 34% - Reed and Marilyn, 20% - Harris and Beth, 19% - Glen and Willa Rae, 18% - Fay and Elsie, 12% - Ralph, 8% - Mary, 5% - Beth and Earl, and stable - Bob and Barbara.

  • The Prince Rupert Regional Hospital admitted a patient named Fay Elsie Walker in October 1998. Fortunately, it was neither our Fay or Elsie!

  • There are 42 of us in Raymond, 40 in Salt Lake City, 35 in Phoenix/Mesa, 34 in Boise, 31 in Calgary, and 23 in Provo.

  • There are 174 first names that no one else in our family has as their first name.

  • Over the past five years, members of our family have served a combined total of 51 years in 18 countries as missionaries. They have learned at least 12 different languages during the course of their service.


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